Gaia Retreat & Eco Hostel


Immerse yourself in nature, find clear channels, allow creativity to flow to and through you, unhindered.


Our quiet cabin retreat is the perfect place to tap into the creative flow, move through any blocks, or simply find the space and quiet you’ve been craving to see your next creative project born, or the latest one completed. Walking in the surrounding, green hills and old oak forests, it’s easy to find inspiration, and hear the calm voice of inuition. The local nature here at Gaia Retreat & Eco Hostel offers abundant resources for printing, paint & ink making, sculpture and more. You’ll also have the options of guided nature connection walks, creative sessions, and guided meditations to further aid and welcome connection and creativity.

We also hold several creative retreats and workshops throughout the year, drop us a line to find out more.

For established artists interested in residencies, or co-opting the space for workshops, installations or shows, we would love to hear from you, please get in touch!


Gaia Retreat & Eco Hostel also offers musical resources, such as two quality, full, micced up drum kits, acoustic guitars, and basic recording equipment. Our cosy basement studio is at your disposal if you’re seeking to brainstorm and begin, or perfect and finalize a musical project. Imagine roaming the land here to grab live samples of bird song, crunching leaves, rustling undergrowth or running water. You’d also be spoilt for choice when it comes to music video locations! We’d be more than happy to support however we can, whether it’s just as extra hands, a scouting guide, or Rasmus’ expertise as a professional drummer that’s required.

Kids Club

Multiple studies agree that kids who regularly play outdoors are happier, more attentive, and less anxious than kids who spend a lot of time indoors. Nature and play go hand in hand, and Gaia Retreat is brimming with opportunities to explore and collaborate with nature. When kids play, they think, connect and create, and nature only expands on that potential. We welcome small numbers of children here for Summer Unschool, a relaxed programme of child-led activities not disimilar to forest schools, with a focus on nature and creation; whether that be creating art, buildings, sculptures, installations, meals, poems, stories, or something we adults can’t even imagine, is entirely up to them!