Gaia Retreat & Eco Hostel
What we offer

What we offer

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Northern Portugal is brimming with adventures for nature lovers – we’re big fans of a lot of what’s on offer! Just let us know what you’re into and we can tailor some suggestions for you.

Here you can read more about our suggestions for tried and tested adventures in the area


Gaia Retreat has a very passionate and experienced chef that loves cooking with seasonal, homegrown and regional produce in a sustainable manner. It’s our pleasure to invite you to join mealtimes that always reflect the seasons, where high quality food is prepared with love, dedication and passion.

Farm Stay

Gaia Retreat is what’s known in Portugal as a “Quinta”, a small farm or homestead. We have long been motivated by the pull to return to the land, learning to provide food, shelter and medicine for ourselves, with the hopes of creating enough abundance to also support others in our community in the future.


Sometimes life throws unimaginable things our way, the kind of stuff that can leave you desperate to be anywhere but here. Loss, traumatic events, and stress can often present challenges we never saw coming. Sometimes the best medicine is to step away, find fresh surroundings and some distance. At times like that, nature can be an incredibly supportive ally, as can someone who understands grief, stress and trauma, and offers a completely non-judgemental ear.


Our quiet cabin retreat is the perfect place to tap into the creative flow, move through any blocks, or simply find the space and quiet you’ve been craving to see your next creative project born, or the latest one completed.

We try to create a supportive environment for artists and creatives of any craft be that art, music or physical spaces to support yoga, pilates, meditations and the like.

Nature accomodation

At Gaia Retreat you’ll find two simple, wooden cabins nestled in oak woodlands, offering shelter from sun, wind and rain offering views of both the hills of Paredes de Coura and lush oak and cork forest.

Each cabin at Gaia Retreat contains a comfortable double bed, an easy chair, a camping stove and everything needed to prepare simple meals. There’s a bistro set for use on the deck, or inside if it rains.